Why You Need A Social Media For Your Business

Akinkunmi Abeeb
3 min readApr 9, 2022

It is almost impossible to run a successful business nowadays without social media. Local or not, your business’s success depends largely on how you make your target audience aware of the business’ existence. The most practical way to do this is to set up and claim a social media account.

Social media works hand-in-hand with a website. A business needs an online presence to thrive. A business’s social media profile may include its website, contact info, and pictures of products and services. Facebook and Twitter are most common for consumer business companies. Corporate businesses are most times found on LinkedIn.

Social media is the best way to gain the attention of a targeted niche. We are currently in a social business age, and there are so many reasons your business needs social media to thrive.

We would be giving a few of these reasons.


Social media platforms help create interaction and engagement with an audience. These platforms make it easier and faster to reach and interact with new and potential customers. From interacting, you can form a bond with your customers. These customers can, in turn, reach out to your business and give feedback. They can also enlighten you on how you could better improve your product/service.

Social media has eased the difficulty in the line of communication between a business owner and its client.

Brand Awareness

Asides from websites, social media is the best way to do your business globally known. Over two billion business today advertise their brands on social media platforms. Increasing brand awareness leads to more customers and a higher sales range.

By using social media, you can diversify your marketing efforts. Having a social media account connects your business to a versatile customer network. It is far-reaching.


Over the last two decades, social media has evolved from being simple chatting channels to being the new search engine giants. Social media platforms contain lots of information pumped into it by over 3 billion users worldwide.

Social media is a pool of information. It can be used to crowdsource information about your product and its target audience. With the search button, you can find the profiles of your target audience. You can also find information about your competitors and use it to improve your business strategy.

Low Cost

Social media platforms are mostly free to use. Setting up profiles and putting up posts with these profiles is of no cost to you. In the past, a business owner would need to reach out the traditional way. Television, radio, and sometimes they would print out their information on fliers, billboards, and even newspapers at exorbitant prices. Thanks to social media, this can be done inexpensively.

Some other reasons include

· It boosts your organic visibility

· It increases website traffic

Final note

It is important to note that while people might not buy your service on social media platforms, they will certainly buy because of it. The trick is to grab and retain people’s attention with your optimized business profiles!



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