Top 7 SEO Strategies For Your Website Optimization Success

Akinkunmi Abeeb
5 min readJun 8, 2021


SEO strategies for 2021

The progressive growth of the internet has made it a compulsory choice for several businesses to focus on generating more traffic to their websites through organic means rather than the usual marketing strategies.

Now, more than ever, Search Engine Optimization is essential to help bring your business websites closer to the top of all search engine results. SEO strategies draw more traffic to your website by increasing its visibility and performance on search engines.

To rank high amongst many other digital competitors, there are specific strategies you need to lay as foundations for managing your websites.

Here are 7 of the best SEO strategies that will help you optimize your website for success in 2021:

1. Keyword Research:

Before you begin on any SEO strategies and marketing campaigns, it is important that you first perform researches on the types of keywords that could work well with your niche. Keywords are phrases that help your site rank top in Google’s search results. It could be a combination of words or a single word.

To create a very effective SEO campaign for your website, you must find relevant keywords. By doing keyword researches, you will be given insights into your target audience and their demands.

Note that when using keywords, you should use long-tail keywords rather than single words. This is because, unlike single words, they are less competitive and even help your website rank faster.

There are certain tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Google AdWords Keyword Planner, which can help your research by giving you access to competitive keyword data. These keywords can help you drive more organic traffic to your website.

2. Write Quality and Original Contents:

Content is king! A great way to improve your website’s SEO rank in a short amount of time is by creating very quality content. Uploading quality and engaging content that can appeal to your target audiences have proven to very effective.

The contents could be long or short, though long contents are better because they tend to attract more backlinks, help you rank better and attract more traffic to your website. Your contents must be unique and authentic; they must not have been published elsewhere.

If your content is not of a unique design and is similar to another of the same brand already ranked, Google will not rank it higher than the original. This is why your content must be unique, valuable, and written in your very own language.

With quality content, you can quickly establish trust between you and your target audience.

3. On-Page Link Building (Internal Link Building):

When it comes to website optimization and ranking, Link Building remains one of the best strategies ever. It stands as the backbone for SEO ranking connecting one or more web pages.

By establishing an internal link with an anchor tag, the Search Engine will determine the topic of your linked page and rank it according to a particular keyword. This way, the more a site uses your anchor tag, the more search engines will rank your linked page for its search results.

4. Optimize Voice Search:

With about 25% of smartphone users frequently using smart speakers, it is safe to assume that the concept of voice search is now generally accepted, and it is expected to trend more in 2021 as well.

Imagine what it would be like, fifty per cent of smartphone users searching for solutions using voice query. Definitely, their queries will be direct, specific, locally-based, and long-tail. You can use these to your advantage in 2021 by optimizing your site for voice searches.

5. External Linking:

External Links are one of the best sources for ranking power. They are hyperlinks that can help you target any domain apart from the domain source. Usually, they help point you to an external domain or, as they are commonly called; Backlinks.

Through external linking and backlink researches, you can increase your website’s ranking. To find new backlinks, you will first need to analyze the backlinks of other websites that rank high in search results for your target keywords. Checking their backlinks will give you insights into their sources and how you can get one for yourself.

Now, we all know that the more backlinks you get, the higher you rank. However, backlinks cannot be as effective if you do not use enticing headlines and content on your site’s page. This is because good contents and backlinks work well hand in hand.

When you consistently place more backlinks on your page, other websites will link to your page. Thus, your credibility and brand reputation building and even smaller sites will begin to link to your site along the way in the long run.

6. User Friendly:

You cannot offer the best results if your website is not user-friendly. You should improve your website’s user experience by giving it a better look and quality.

Let me show you a few improvement tips you can use to increase your user experiences on your website in 2021:

Optimize website speed:

No user will ever love your site if it runs extremely slow. Therefore, having your website run for a greater speed is a very effective strategy. When your site takes longer to load, your users might become frustrated and exit your page.


Most users would appreciate it if they can load your web page using their mobile phones. Not just Search Engines, but your users also love it when your contents and images are quality and easy to navigate through.

Make your posts better to read:

If you want to stand a chance with your users, you should make your posts and contents easier to read. Your content must be detailed, not too bulky, and carry your users along.

7. Website Audits:

Finally, while placing your SEO strategies, you should ensure that you track their processes and performances. SEO audits can help you know your website’s growth, performance, and ranking. By regularly doing SEO Audits, you can work on necessary changes to improve your website performance.

The best strategy for SEO in 2021 is to create an authority site and use longer-term strategies such as organic keywords, blog content, and social media marketing. No matter what strategy you choose, it is crucial to implement a keyword research tool before you start your website’s development so that you can pick a target audience and build your site accordingly. The addition of content will also help with the long-term strategy of creating an authority site.



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