Happy Staff Equals Happy Clients

Akinkunmi Abeeb
3 min readAug 28, 2019

Every entrepreneur or business owners will agree that the success of their businesses depends on their customers or clients. Without a customer or a market for a particular company, there is a high probability such venture won’t last the test of time. While you are trying to satisfy your clients or customers, it is also vital to ensure your employees or staff are always happy and satisfied. They are the ones that will relate with your customers the most, and it is compulsory on you as a business owner to ensure they are always happy. In other words, it is crucial to focus on employee happiness first for you to achieve customer happiness.

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Why Happy staff gives a happy Client:

Better Relationship: What a pleasant staff will provide a business owner is a friendly and professional customer relationship. It is only when your staff are happy, they can think of building a beneficial relationship with your clients. A happy team is much more likely to be attentive in supporting customers’ needs and also maintaining a high level of positivity. Therefore, there is a high tendency to carry their positive attitude to customers, which aids good relationship and customer loyalty.

Good Company Reputation: A happy employee will be willing to stand for the company and their clients in any regards. Employees that are happy and committed will always thrive on seeing the company keep moving. They will be willing to give all clients to optimum satisfaction. Once an employee starts caring about his wages and not the company, then the problem will start arising. Hence, you want to make sure as a business owner; you care for your staffs.

Long-term services: Happy staff or employee will be willing to stay much longer with your company. This is because he is happy and will be ready to pass his business knowledge and experiences to junior staffs, which in turns helps to provide better customer service. When customers receive well-informed and uniform detailed services all time, they are much likely to trust you and do business with you again.

How to Make Employee Happy

The first time in making your clients happy is creating a workplace that makes work fun and exciting. By making work fun, they will be able to focus on work, limit the distractions, interact well with co-workers, and also will always be happy. It doesn’t necessarily mean to turn the workplace to a party, but spices like a fun break are right to make laugh and take off the work stress.

Also, there could be a way to reward and self-recognition for your staffs. You could have something like a “staff of the week” or the “best staff of the month” award presentation. This will tell such employee his effort toward the job is valued and this also motivates other colleagues to do more. You can make this open and transparent by empowering all employees to nominate the best staff or carried this out in a voting process. This will not only set an example for other employees, but it may also encourage them to do more in providing exceptional service to the customers.



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